About Terrence



Terrence Bray, born in Durban, South Africa  1974

Graduated from Durban University of Technology Fashion Department  1995.

Terrence Bray label launched 1998


Terrence Bray is an internationally recognised multi award winning designer with a private clientele, both nationally and internationally creating bespoke garments for men and women.

He also produces a seasonal ready to wear range available at select boutiques and on line. Terrence makes time to lecture 3rd year creative design at the Durban University of Technology on a part- time basis, He also assists in different programmes that uplift local crafters.

The success of Terrence Bray is based in a firm and destinctive design philosophy; to strive for the best quality and design possible at that moment, quality in all aspects of design. Terrence Bray's attitude derives from classical concepts placed in a contemporary context, the eternal heart viewed through the personal and challenging and unexpected. Simply it honours beauty, humour and passion. It's a philosophy that by nature adapts to it's envioroment, and constantly evolves.