I have called the collection "EPIDERMAL LITTLE MIRRORS TO THE SOUL" I wanted to explore themes of psychological duality. How the lines between our personal & professional lives are often blurred, and the idea of our internal realities being challenged by external influences. We express our identities through the ways we choose to shroud our naked bodies in cloth, yet we are eternally intrigued by what lies beneath and search for the person behind the clothes, the mind the body and the soul and in some cases the mechanics of the brain, the hidden beauty of the anatomy and the life force it supplies.
Going through Heathrow airport security now, our labels no longer offer us any protection. Our disguises and the deceptive nature of humans has forced extreme security measures in a world where trust is fast becoming an historic concept, we can no longer rely on the facades we see to offer us security.
A world    
  • Where fake is the new real
  • Where money makes you pretty
  • Where you can buy the perfect body
  • Where wrong is starting to feel right
  • Where discomfort is comfortable
  • Where dark is light
  • Where there is little light in the darkness