Spring Summer 2016

"Attitude, art and allergies"

"Attitude, art and allergies” that is what Terrence Bray SS15/16 is about.
A relaxed yet dressy look that takes inspiration from costal living, the beach is my office kind of attire.
The silhouettes are wearable yet push the boundary slightly in the use of extreme proportions mixed with familiar wearable silhouettes.
The art works of Jeannie Kinsler once again are the foundation for the prints and the colour palette.
Dirty pastels and washed water colours are revived with accents of warm and cool tones in a dirty grey/silver and ochre/gold.
The silhouettes which are looser and intentionally limp and floppy and the colours take inspiration from the transition of season into spring, organic colours and shapes dying and slowly changing colour leaving once brights slightly tarnished and bruised, being able to appreciate the beauty in things that are imperfect or that our bodies reject, the most beautiful time of year is also one filled with pollen and allergies, this irony is seductive.
It is with this attitude we create a collection that touches on gender free clothing that is sporty practical yet luxurious.