Spring Summer 2017

Terrence’s design philosophy always draws on inspiration  from his immediate environment and this season was no different, having recently  moved studio and combined showroom forces with Sara Trickett of Saint Verde botanicals, building on the natural synergy between their brands and work ethos it seemed only fitting that this formed the foundation of the collection. However it was so much more than just the rare succulents that inspired but a deep look at the meditative art of planting and placing these wonderfully precise and geometric works of natural art, the repetition in shape and juxtaposition of defensive hardness with the softness of their delicate beauty make for a stunning point of view that is both gentle and strong simultaneously. Being a strong believer in synchronicity the concept was given context by its strong tie to an oriental sensibility something that is often a source of joy for Bray  This collection looked at the arts of origami and kirigami which by chance led to a conversation with a sewing student of Bray's Natasha Lee who opened his eyes to the magnificent world of Korean traditional dress called Hanbok, her personal connection to this culture through her husband led Bray on an amazing journey of discovery of a culture that as yet is relatively untouched by mainstream design. The great art and precision of both these sources as well as their celebration of texture and shape take form in a collection that honours beauty nature science and passion and even the humble magnificence of terracotta pots andrich soil ...watch the Terrence Bray summer succulent garden grow..